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  • From early adolescence, when I started painting in oils, to graduate school where I earned my MFA in Art and Technology in 1999, I have been fascinated with the process of making art. I was encouraged early on when I won both Artist Of The Year award and a scholastic award for painting in high school.
  • After graduating with a BA in graphic arts from Southern Illinois University, I worked for a package design firm. Here I experienced my first fascination with manipulating images. I had to develop comps for package designs and sat next to the Xerox machine to copy, resize, and rotate numerous images. I was so fascinated by this process that I bought my own copy machine, and later one of the first software paint programs, Lumena.
  • In the early ’90s, I began freelancing my own design and graphic company while also manipulating images and making art. Over that decade, I participated in 17 exhibits around the world ( Milan, Japan, Vienna, and Tel Aviv); took art classes at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago, and later enrolled in their MFA program, where I received my MFA in 1999.  In 1998, I was honored to accept a speaking engagement for the Generative Art Conference at the Milano Polytechnic College in Milano, Italy where I spoke about “Technology and Creative Process.”
  • During this time, I discovered Fernand Leger’s work with objects and compositions, which reflected the urban and industrial reality at the turn of the 20th century. As I work with the digital reality at the beginning of this century, Leger’s influence on me has been significant.
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