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  • Nature occurs in bits and pieces…interacting and integrating to create infinite possibilities and opportunities within a single moment. Conceptually the computer mirrors the mind, working in a continuous flux where the only constant is constant change. The computational speeds in our ‘digital age’ integrates unparalleled amounts of information.  My work emerges from this ongoing ‘state of collage’, this dynamic collection of disparate experience.
  • Working with the computer enhances my experience of viewing life from a subatomic perspective. How does the analog talk to the digital? How does the bit give voice to the atom? While paint lives in the analog world of matter and atoms, the computer calls the digital world its home. By juxtaposing paint and print on my canvases, I am having a dialogue between these two worlds.
  • When working with paint, nothing goes on or changes from one state to another without going through a transition. There is something so tangible about painting -totally different from manipulating images on a screen. I like contrasting the thick juiciness of the paint with the smoothness of the print.
  • I am mimicking the ‘digital revolution’ when I work with the computer to integrate, replicate, and generate.
  • In “july waves, july” I scanned my painting into the computer and manipulated the work by copying and pasting selected areas, pushing them around, much as a painter pushes paint around. Using the approach of generative art, new images are created from the original “DNA” source of a selected area, and then replicated as many times as the artwork needs. I then print it onto a large canvas and finally apply paint to the print.
  • The vocabulary of “copy, paste, copy, ” that runs throughout my collage paintings is the language I use to express the replicated and generated patterns in nature as well as the evolving technology of replication and generation used in computer-based algorithms. These algorithms are infiltrating all aspects of life from science, medicine and finance to the products we use everyday. Nature and technology are both systems inherently programmed to operate in determined and patterned ways, but the interactions that can occur within those systems are always changing. The further we delve into complexity in the Information Age, the closer we are to embracing patterns in a ‘hyper- natural’ existence.
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